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Meet Our Administration Team

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Scott Reed
总统 & Chief Executive Officer
Jonathan Bishop
Chief Advancement Officer
Jamie Broumas
Chief Artistic Officer
Tiffany DeVries
Chief Financial Officer & Vice 总统 of Administration
Ana Papakhian
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Marcia Swires
Senior Director of 金融 & Administration
Naomi Merer
Office Manager & Administrative Assistant

Casey Molino Dunn
Vice 总统 of Innovation & Program Development
Travis Wells
Director of Artistic Operations
Jonathan Lee Chan
Manager of Production & Technology
Indigo Fischer
Artistic Operations Coordinator
Erin McKibben
唱! Program Director
Christine Hollinger
唱! Choral Director
Marta Hovhannisyan
唱! Choral Director
Ching-Yun Chen
唱! Collaborative Pianist
Holly Hadsall
唱! Apprentice Collaborative Pianist
Violet Joy Hansen
唱! Site Coordinator

Kate Oberjat
Director of Marketing & Communications
Henry Michaels
Director of Audience Experience & Engagement

Jodi Barnard
Director of Major Gifts
Director of Legacy Giving
Sarah Rowe Stretz
Director of Development
Brooklyn Snyder
Advancement Operations Coordinator

Isabel Dickinson
Director of Student Services & 校友 Programs

Chris Buckpitt
Director of Facilities
Brendon Tompkins
建筑 & Grounds Technician

NancyBell Coe
大卫L. 期

Geoffrey Hahn
Lehrer Vocal Institute Director of Artistic Operations
Leslie Kelleher
住房 & 租赁
Katelin Ridenour
Special 事件 Manager

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